All throughout her life she has struggled with all types of acne and other skin conditions, leaving her trying everything possible to correct them. After years of home remedies and drugstore products with no results, she began seeing an esthetician. And to say the least, it was life-changing! Having regularly scheduled appointments and using professional products she started seeing improvements in her skin and a huge boost in confidence. One of her passions is helping and caring for people while making a positive impact on their life.

She was born and raised in Rexburg Idaho, in 2015 she moved to Seattle where she spent 4 years. Since July of 2019, my husband and I are happy to call Arizona our home. In her spare time, she enjoys the beautiful outdoors which includes hiking, paddleboarding, snowboarding, traveling, and exploring Arizona. She also loves spending time with her husband and two dogs Scully and Spice. She always looking for new adventures, so feel free to share yours on your next visit. Hope to see you soon!